Touring Bikes

Just about any motorbike can be taken out of the city on to open road for the purposes of adventure and what have you. However, there is a category of motorcycles specifically designed for that purpose, and that’s a touring bike. While street bikes — and other types of motorcycles — will leave your entire body burned out and your muscles cramped, a touring bike will make your long road trip much more safe and comfortable. So, yeah, touring bikes have their own perks. Below are the reviews of the top two touring bikes at the moment:

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Want to roll the American highways in style, think none other than the king of the road himself, the Harley-Davidson Road King Special. The new Harley-Davidson Road King is increasingly becoming a fan favourite, not for ear-shattering sound systems or 30-inch chrome front wheels. Sounds boring, right? A Harley-Davidson without the engine noise is not a popular choice.

However, that is countered with stock exhaust pipes that give the bike an aggressive tone and the addition of a comfort feature. The new Road King has other strengths. One of the most notable changes the latest Road King made from the previous iterations is that it was stripped down to the necessities. The Harley-Davidson Road King has a 3000 to 5500 rpm redline once in full throttle. The motorbike is designed for some serious cruising, comfortable as it can get.

With Harley-Davidson Road King Special, all the manufacturer did was take the already proven Milwaukee-Eight 107, add some styling to make it more muscular, and strip it down to the necessities by removing features such as the windshield. The stretched saddlebags, nine-inch black mini-apes, and larger black turban wheel did a lot to add the tough stance on the new Harley-Davidson Road King Special.

Triumph Trophy SE

Here’s yet another beast from the British manufacturer, Triumph. Triumph Trophy SE comes with a formidable 1215cc three-cylinder engine. This particular model is a serious mile chew and in that case, the super touring model you may be looking for. The Trophy SE ensures that both the driver and the passenger enjoy a high level of comfort with its armchair ergonomics. It’s a classy motorcycle that combines performance, comfort, and luxury, all at the same time.

The Triumph Trophy SE comes with all the features you’d like to see on a touring motorbike. It also comes with sportbike styling in the front and comfort in the back. The state-of-the-art touring motorcycle sports a full electronic suite including cruise control, traction control, and ABS. Other notable features include anti-theft immobilizer, tire pressure monitor, ride-by-wire throttle, adjustable seats, electrically adjustable headlights and windshield, etc.

The three-way electronic preload adjustments allow you to tune the suspension to accommodate cargo or a passenger on your trip. Additionally, the electronic suspension lets you change your suspension settings on the handlebars. The adjustable wind-tunnel tested windscreen forms a quiet cockpit with minimal head buffeting or none at all. The Trophy SE has an estimated mileage of about 55 mpg and with its 6.6-gallon fuel tank, expect a full tank to cover a distance of over 300 miles.

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