Onlinegokkengids Sponsors Upcoming Motorbike Meetup

We at Biker Toplist believe that riding a motorcycle is one of the most fulfilling activity one can ever experience, and we’re definitely not the only one. Our platform is created and designed to bring the motorbike enthusiasts together as a community, a place where they are able to share their passion and interest and even expand their knowledge. Most of our online readers are really surprised when they discover all the other activities that we do as a company. BikerToplist is not only focusing on providing the right information on our website, but we also like to stay busy with organizing several biking and motorcycle events. We like to call them our meetups, since we are calling all of the motorbike enthusiasts to join us during this day. These meetups are very precious to us and we do value all the effort and passion of all the visitors. Sharing this passion is something great and that is why we prefer to do this every once a year.

For many years, the meetup has been a great success and now attracts even more and more visitors. Upcoming year, we would like to organize something different. This time, Biker Toplist will organize a real motorbike conference for all of our members and the best suppliers. During this event, you will get to meet the top quality of suppliers, discover the newest innovations and technology, motorcycling auctions and more information about dealers and stores. We are very excited about this event, since this will be the first big conference that we’ve ever organized! Ofcourse, we were not able to do this ourselves. We received financial support from one our partners Onlinegokkengids and The owner of this company is also a motorcycle enthusiast and a member of our Biker Toplist club. They wanted us to organize a big event for all passionate riders, so that is exactly what we did.

The date of the new conference is still unsure, but we can already provide our readers with some small details. The event will be held in New York and we already found the perfect location for it. We also have contact with the best suppliers in town, which is great news for all the fans of attires, engines and manufactures. We will also organize a spectacular motorcycle and racing show. Everybody that is interested can sign up for the participation and we will announce our selection at the end of next month. What else to expect during the conference? Shows, shows and shows! We even booked one of the best performer from New York, which is going to be a blast. In about two months, we will launch the official event including all the right details.

If you are interested to join this conference, you first need to purchase a ticket at Biker Toplist website. As a gift to our loyal members, we thought of a nice ticket deal. Our members will receive a 20% discount on their purchased tickets and will also receive some discounts during the conference! Stay tuned to read more about the Onlinegokkengids Motorcycle Conference on our website and social media channels.