Bike Games

The covid-19 situation has been going on for a while now, and it has been hard for people to go out as the virus can easily spread through human interaction. People who have hobbies outdoors have been a victim of this situation as they cannot perform their recreational activities anymore. One of those people is bikers who love to take the enjoyment of riding their bikes and going out to different places. Any bike lover knows how exciting it is riding your bike thorough the road freely with the sound of the wind blowing near your ears and the view of nature that refreshes your mind.

Now, you can virtually take the enjoyment of biking by playing realistic games that are made for you. Video games that are created based on real-life bike races and combine them with fantasies and creativity of the programmers, are here to provide the enjoyment that they are missing for the ongoing pandemic. For example, if you are a fan of motocross bikes, these are some of the best options for you to enjoy at home:


MXGP3 is a highly-rated game developed by Milestone. It gives you a realistic dirt biking experience on 18 different race tracks, and anyone who loves outdoor biking can appreciate this game. This two-wheeler experience will allow you to decide if you want to jump directly into the racing. A huge assortment of factors is presented in front of you to make it more realistic and simpler to operate. Even someone with less knowledge of biking can understand the details of the different functions as they are described in simple manners and in a user-friendly way. The detailed schemes are installed inside the game that will meet all of your certain needs. Starting from the handling model to manual gears and unleashing the brakes, so that you can feel comfort by using both the brakes and gears comfortably. However, because of its entire gameplay being based on a niche sport and not proffering anything that will attract the gamers daily significantly makes it unwanted. But racing is thrilling here and gamers still love to enjoy riding at their tracks.


MotoGP18 is a 2018 game where you can engage in professional racing in many different racing tracks. While it is not similar to typical outdoor racing, it provides an excellent experience. The sophisticated implementation of the race tracks from the drone views proffer adequate details which are amazing. It allows the players to learn about the tricky cuts of the track and allow them to easily navigate the sweet spots. There are various modes for players to play starting from online gaming to career mode. The career mode highlights numerous advances in the sport and provides realism by adding features like email alerts, etc. However, if we talk about the graphics, it is continuing with its poor quality. The surrounding audience is still static and glitches are everywhere when riders fall off the bike.

If you want to play biking games and have something in line, online casino games would be an excellent choice. Some of the best examples would be the following:

Bike Mania Online slot

Bike Mania is a biking theme online slot game where you have a chance of winning a large amount. The thrilling experience throughout the game is unique as you have to go full throttle on the saddle of a BMX striking the dirt racing tracks and winning money defeating your competitions. The complete gameplay is a fast-moving series of activities that want you to act fast and win fast. To play such slot games, you can check out Lucky Niki Casino.

Motorbike Monkey

Bikers love this slot game as it is biking themed and offers you an opportunity to win. It is one of the best slot games in some casino sites that players love to engage with. Along with 5-reel slot machines, the motorbike monkey slot is an exceptional and cool game to play. They use images of playing cards, Jack, and others so that you can easily settle yourself into the motorbike monkey arena. All the slots offer a huge possibility of getting higher cash.

All these video games and online casino games are created based on the rules of real-life physics and the creators want to give the gamers as much exciting experience as possible. What is more entertaining is that someone with literally no biking experience can still play these games and have some fun biking. Even from these games, someone can learn the basic knowledge of biking before going to learn it in real life. One can depend on wheel-chairs to move in real life but can play these games to have the fun and thrill of racing. Most of these games are user friendly and have perfectly coded to have less loading time.