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Riding a motorcycle is one of most fulfilling experiences one can ever dream of – it’s breathtakingly awesome. If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, you probably can’t understand what we are talking about here. One thing you ought to know for sure is that you are missing the ride of your life! But what is motorcycling really? Is riding a motorbike all about getting from point A to point B? Not really.

It’s more than that. Riding a motorcycle is not about transportation or lifestyle. It’s a life-changing event. The attire, bike style, bike size, engine size, lingo, manufacturer, and merchandise are fun, but that’s just a bonus. For many bikers out there, it’s all about the feeling you get when you are riding that bike. All your senses are filled with that feeling, and if you are a motorcycling enthusiast, that’s the best feeling ever.

The Feeling

And what exactly does it feel to ride a motorcycle? Well, this one is for the beginners — it may be hard to put across in words, but we’re pretty sure that all seasoned riders know the feeling. Just imagine yourself riding freely with no particular destination, with a tank full of gas, a clear road in front of you, the sun shining on your back and the cool breeze on your face.

You have the whole day ahead of you with the smell of the ocean, mountains, or the countryside as you pass. You can do anything you want; you can explore the small town ahead of you, cruise the super-slab, hit the twisties, or simply go down any road that you want. It’s an extremely addictive feeling; it’s the feeling of freedom, you can almost taste. That’s motorcycling for you!

Engage Your Senses

It awakens all your senses in an unimaginable way, and every biker should strive to get maximum joy from riding their bikes. All you need to know is that motorcycling requires all your senses and if you want to get the best out of your ride, you need to make sure that you engage all your senses during the ride. Your sight will give you a good view of the horizon that stretches ahead of you (the scenery) and will help you see the road clearly.

Your sense of touch will connect you to the beast that is your motorbike. Stay in full control – don’t just drive through, but be part of everything that surrounds you. The sense of sound is important; don’t neglect it. Listen to nature: the whizzing breeze and the rumbling of your bike’s engine. Enjoy the smell of whatever environment you are passing through, be it the forest, mountain, countryside or the desert.

Last but not least, the sense of taste. Let the sweetness of the fresh rain or the palate of dust hit you taste glands. You will find that riding a motorcycle fills all these senses in a natural way, that’s why it’s addictive. But that’s not all, don’t forget all the other senses too. For instance, the sense of accomplishment you get from improving your skills, trying new roads, visiting new places, and riding further.

Most importantly, motorcycling gives you a sense of belonging. You become part of something bigger you’ve never known in your life. It’s the full package; you get good friends, good times, a club of bikers or a brotherhood, and a community that understands you. This site is dedicated to helping you get the best out your motorcycling experience. We’ll provide motorcycle reviews, news, and information designed to help riders get the most out of their riding. One of my side hobbies I do other than riding my motorcycle is playing blackjack at online casinos. I play at an Asian online casino where blackjack is named แบล็คแจ็ค.